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Architectural Stone Materials

At AST Stone, we understand the importance of having a wide array of design possibilities available to you when you’re decorating, remodeling, or planning new construction. That’s why we provide natural and cast stone architectural materials that are unmatched in their quality, durability, and design possibilities.

Our natural stone provides an ideal choice of architectural stone materials when you want to achieve warmth and beauty for your exterior or interior elements. Used by artisans since ancient times, natural stone can be used to recreate historical inspiration or to create entirely unique and contemporary visions.

With natural architectural stone materials, you can choose between limestone, travertine, cantera, or marble in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and finishes. Limestone is highly favorable for its versatility and ability to be intricately carved, and it often emerges from earthly landscapes in rocky outcrops that have become some of our most famous landmarks.

Travertine has been used as a core building materials since the Roman Empire and the construction of the Colosseium. It remains a favorite material of leading contemporary architects and has been used frequently for exteriors and for tiles and mosaics.

Cantera offers additional flexibility in architectural stone materials, combining traditional and natural beauty with remarkable usability to create timeless and soothing design elements. With outstanding variation in palette and the ease of low maintenance, cantera can be used virtually anywhere, from interior rooms and features to outdoor gardens, walkways, and patios.

Marble is stunningly beautiful and is always truly unique, offering the opportunity to create an exquisite and elegant look with smooth texture and brilliant polish. It also offers several advantages in its high durability and extremely long life.

At AST Stone, our showroom offers a full range of architectural stone materials, and we can also work with you to select custom stone materials and designs to meet virtually any design requirement. Our experts can help you specify the right colors, sizes, and finishes to capture your desired aesthetic and ensure the functionality and structural support that you may need.

We can provide 3-D CAD files to help you incorporate architectural stone materials into your plans, and we also offer custom design services to turn your sketches, concepts, and ideas into beautiful CAD renderings and hand-crafted finished products.

Contact us today to learn more about our stone and tile materials and request a personalized consultation and estimate. We’d love to help you choose, design, and install the right products to bring your architectural visions to life!