Our Quarries

Architectural Stone Materials Quarries

Ensuring that our stone products meet the highest possible standards starts at the quarry. At AST Stone Corporation, we own our own architectural stone materials quarries, and we manage them ourselves so you can be sure that your materials are of the finest quality and that our artisans are working with stone that is specially selected for your needs.

Our Natural Stone Materials Quarries

All of our stone and tile material comes directly to us from our architectural stone materials quarries. We control all these stone and tile materials from extraction at the quarry to final installation in your home or commercial property.

Custom Manufacturing Capabilities

At our facilities, we use the latest CNC and stone cutting technologies, and our artisans are also masters of traditional hand-carving techniques and custom craftsmanship. This enables us to create consistently exquisite and high-quality products, and we can craft intricate and personalized architectural elements that meet your precise and unique requirements.

Industry-leading Expertise

When you choose AST Stone, you can be assured that your projects are handled by outstanding professionals with unmatched expertise and a total commitment to your satisfaction. From initial consultation and custom design services to final installation by top professionals in the field, you will receive the best possible service.

Whether you are decorating, remodeling, or engaging in new construction, our architectural stone materials quarries and our full complement of services means that you can get any level of support that you need. We can handle all of your stone and tile needs, including exteriors, interiors and all parts of your residential or commercial project—from flooring and walls to ceilings and roofs.

Contact us today to inquire about our stone and tile products and our personalized and convenient design and installation services. Or use our convenient form to request a bespoke consultation and estimate for your next project.