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In today’s homes, hearths and fireplaces are typically found in a family room or outdoor patio. But kitchen hearths were historically an integral part of virtually every home and were used for heating and cooking. In fact, the kitchen hearth has been such a central and important household feature throughout history that it gave rise to the phrase “hearth and home” to refer to one’s home.

In the 21st century, however, a kitchen hearth can play a similarly integral role as a charming and useful feature of any kitchen. A kitchen hearth can serve as a structural framework and provide the ideal aesthetic touch for a contemporary cooking area with a modern stove and oven, or it can serve as home to a counter-height fireplace to provide an additional cooking option and a source of cozy warmth for your kitchen and dining area.

Whether you’re considering a kitchen hearth as a traditional background for your cooking area or to create a historically inspired and unique space for cooking or adding a kitchen fireplace, AST Stone has the ideal expertise in kitchen hearths.

With a large selection of cast stone and natural stone materials, our stone artisans can help you choose or craft a personalized kitchen hearth made of limestone, travertine, or cantera.

Inspired by ancient architecture or based on a contemporary blend of historical and modern aesthetics, our expert craftsmen can help you create a custom kitchen hearth with nostalgic charm and sophistication.

From full consultation and design services to hand-crafted manufacturing and professional installation, we can turn your creative kitchen visions into reality.

Contact us today to learn more about our inspired kitchen hearth designs and to request a personalized consultation and estimate for your next project.

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